me time ideasIn the midst of life’s daily dash and bustle, me time is those moments we set aside to refresh, renew and re-energize. So essentially, this magazine presents ideas for individuals to integrate into their lifestyle.

Me-Time Ideas is a digital magazine in PDF format. It caters to the busy, nurturing and/or creative person who wants to maintain greater work-life balance and wellbeing.

If you can relate, then this magazine will encourage you in taking more moments to be still and rejuvenate. Hence it embraces being a better steward of the temple, rekindling your creativity, and effectively managing your energy.

About the Publisher

Kaysha Reid enjoys encouraging individuals to carve out more moments for themselves in their busy or hectic schedules. A holistic wellness enthusiast with a meditation teacher certification and a regard for design, this magazine consists of a few areas of interest. Most noteworthy, it covers general wellbeing, DIY and home decor, all while presenting readers with ideas for me-time.