An Interactive Memoir: The Biblical Path to Wellness


The Biblical Path To Wellness is an interactive memoir and one woman’s journey through Meditating on the word of God.

You’ll relate to this book if you are yearning for more stillness, dealing with an illness, experiencing challenges in your personal development or in your Christian walk.



In this written testimony, the author declares biblical meditation as the basis for her own inner healing and deliverance. Kaysha Reid, both a trained Meditation teacher and Biblical Health Coach, explores her experiences with the Word as her guide, and outlines the biblical meditation technique which helped her to embark on a journey of acceptance, healing and purpose.

Finally, as this author shares the transforming power of confessing and meditating on God’s Word, she also challenges readers to apply it to each and every area of their lives.

About the Author

After trying to cope with an autoimmune condition for several years, Kaysha found comfort and inner healing when she began confessing and meditating on God’s Word. With a renewed hope, she was encouraged to press on in her relationship with Christ, while sharing the same encouragement to anyone who wants more stillness in their life.This was the inspiration behind her testimony, “The Biblical Path to Wellness.”

Reviews / Testimonials:

Kaysha has inspired me to view testings and disappointments in life as an opportunity to develop or morph into the person I was created to be. Her book has also taught me the importance of recognizing what and who is important in life. I applaud you for the courage to share your story and I wish you many blessings.


I found this book to be an awesome read! I finished it in a matter of hours. I could easily relate to the author and the topics she discussed in the book. As a young wife and mother, achieving balance has been a challenge for me. I was encouraged to have a simple guide that could help me with fulfilling my full potential in all areas of my life, but most importantly spiritually. I was equally impressed with how honest and transparent the author was, allowing the reader into her life, establishing a personal connection. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Nikki D.


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